* Although traveling through these Islands requires a spirit of Adventure and a willingness

to endure minor discomfort, it's worth it. Get away from the Material world, open your eyes!



      Moyo Island (once visited by HRH Princess Diane), the unique Satonda Island, Mt. Tambora (site of the mother of all volcanic eruptions) and Huu (one of the top 10 surfing venues) are all found on Sumbawa Island. Tours, to see the famous Komodo Dragons, can also be organized!



      Other interesting places such as a sarcophagus dated 2000 BC, a traditional mountain village surrounded by beautiful scenery and many fishing villages can be seen along the coast of Sumbawa. It's worth driving around Sumbawa Island, through the small villages of the hinterland, to see daily activities for yourself and get to know the local people.



      www.adventure-sumbawa was set up with the intention of promoting this area of Indonesia which is less developed than other parts. Although life here is still a little primitive, the people are friendly and the surroundings are beautiful. Sumbawa is still waiting to be discovered ……….....……………


     Most of our Tours are around Sumbawa Regency, but tailor-made programs to Dompu, Bima, Komodo or other parts of Nusa Tengara Barat and Bali are also possible.


     Tambora Tour & Travel was founded in the 1980 and people from all over the world. Most  of our Tour Groups come from Holland, spending a couple of nights at Kencana Beach Cottages, while discovering and exploring more of Sumbawa Regency with TT&T. But for those people who just like to relax the private beach at KBC is perfect for sun bathing or snorkeling and scuba diving over the beautiful coral reefs which start only meters from the beach.


    Tambora Tours and Travel handles cruises as well. Small Vessels from 12 passengers, up to Luxurious Cruisers with 200 passengers dock at Badas Harbour or KBC in the morning and then embark on their chosen tour. Accompanied by TT&T guides they may take a 4 Hrs tour which will start by visiting a traditional village and watching the exciting Buffalo Races. Later, they will visit the local town and "Seketeng market" where they can buy the local products of Sumbawa! After a 4 or 8 Hr Tour passengers return to their Cruise; continuing their trip through the unspoiled Islands of Indonesia.


     Kencana Beach Cottages is where most Tour Groups spend there time while touring around Sumbawa Regency. The Beach View Cottages are located in a beautiful private bay. These clear waters are just the place for swimming, snorkeling, diving or just relaxing on the beach!


   Hotel Tambora is a business Hotel in the centre of Sumbawa's Capital City "Sumbawa Besar"; just 5 minutes walking distance from the Airport. All categories of rooms are available, suitable for backpackers to business men.





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